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Training and Self-Improvement Programs

Noevir offers various programs that allow employees to learn new skills and improve themselves as supporters of customers’ passion to be beautiful.

Domestic Sales・Beauty Consultation

Employees can aspire to become specialists in different fields by challenging themselves to earn in-house qualifications even after mastering basic beauty skills.

These qualifications are available in Skincare, Makeup and Color Coordination and employees are encouraged to enhance their skills according to their own vision for their future career.

Skincare Adviser

Employees obtain their in-house Skincare Adviser qualification in their first year with the company.

In order to be recognized as a Skincare Adviser, employees must gain a broad range of knowledge and skills in areas from dermatology, cosmetic science and facial massage to how to provide a satisfactory and sanitary environment and adequate consultation for customers.

Makeup Adviser

In order to be recognized as a Makeup Adviser, employees must gain knowledge and skills required for interacting with customers and providing beauty lessons using fundamental theory on makeup.

Through obtaining the Makeup Adviser qualification, not only can employees hone their makeup application skills, they can also give more accurate advice when conducting beauty training for sales representatives.

Color Coordination Adviser

In order to be recognized as a Color Coordination Adviser, employees must study Noevir Color Communication, a Noevir-specific comprehensive color coordination system based on color theory.

Through obtaining this qualification, employees can become familiar with how to provide advice on comprehensive color coordination as well as broaden the range of services they can offer to customers.

Beauty Consultation

Noevir’s Beauty Consultation employees can make use of programs that allow them to actively work towards self-improvement.

Beauty Allowance

Employees are granted an allowance of 10000 Japanese yen every month to support their self-improvement. They can use this allowance at salons, beauty parlors, nail salons and gyms, on the purchase of clothes and cosmetics or anything that contributes to their own beauty.
*This program only applies to full-time employees.

Self-Improvement Incentives

Employees who obtain qualifications with the purpose of improving themselves can receive financial incentives from Noevir. Qualifications in many fields and genres such as beauty and sales are accepted.
*This program only applies to full-time employees.