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Satisfying customers’ passion to be beautiful and turning "thank-yous" into motivation

Domestic Sales

Megumi Tanaka Nagoya Sales Department	Nagoya Third Branch Store	Joined February 2012

What motivated you to join Noevir and what have you done there up until now?

I’ve always been interested in beauty and I felt that this would be a job where I could realize my love for fashion, trends and sales; these were both big factors that led to me choose Noevir.

After working in Beauty Consultation for three years, I switched into the Domestic Sales Department. What I do day to day hasn’t changed much, but I want to keep furthering my career from here on out.

What kind of work do you do?

I support sales and operations at sales representatives’ salons that sell Noevir products.

I make various proposals based on plans that I’ve made with the sales representatives for promoting sales such as conducting beauty lessons and sometimes I even do sales myself. We have many other responsibilities such as teaching sales representatives about beauty, sales and customer service, managing the instruction of beauty lessons, and giving advice on how to utilize the space in salons.

Our mission is to attract new customers to our sales representatives’ salons and help satisfy them so they continue using Noevir products. Ultimately, we are doing everything we can to increase sales at salons.

What area do focus on the most in your work?

I focus most on how we can sell our products. I search for ways to sell new products when they come out by thinking of things like what words can be used to describe them in order to convey their appeal, what beauty skills are needed to use them, what situations they can be used in and what kind of advice can be given to each individual customer. In order to get everyone on the sales teams to understand these sales skills, the first thing they need to do is understand them in their own terms.

When talking about work in the beauty field, most people tend to think of beauty and makeup practices, but our work at Noevir doesn’t stop there. The point where I personally feel the most fulfilled is actually when I get to support the sales activities of our sales representatives.

When do you think, “I love my job!”?

There are so many moments that make me feel that I love my job. Among those, the moments that I’ve felt most glad I chose do this work are when I’ve received “thank yous” from many different people.

There are so many opportunities to connect with people in this line of work because we get to engage with both sales representatives and the customers that visit their salons.

I treasure the gratitude that I have for the people around me and the environment I’m in and I always go through my day with a smile. The warm and friendly connections between people here are really incredible.

Furthermore, at Noevir we break up the year into two sales periods and work within them to help run the salons and reach the goals we share with the sales representatives. Each sales representative holds their own unique aspirations, so I get to experience and share those aspirations and then pour my passion into my work along with them. There are good times and bad times, but when I achieve a goal that I have been striving towards alongside a sales representative, I feel so fulfilled and it helps me to grow immensely.

What’s the best part about working at Noevir?

There are so many great things about working at Noevir such as the people and the working environment, but what stands out the most are the products that we work with. We have a diverse product lineup that includes basic skincare, hair care, supplements and fashion items, so it’s possible to aim for health and beauty from many different angles.

Besides that, Beauty Consultants receive a beauty allowance to use on whatever health or beauty related activity they like. This is just another reminder that the company is encouraging us to aspire for self-improvement, both inside and out.

In order to support women’s passion to be beautiful, we first have to fulfill our own dreams of becoming beautiful. Having an environment where we can do this is one of the best things about working at Noevir.

What are your dreams and goals for the future?

My goal is to become more knowledgeable about beauty and become a “beauty pro.” I also want to help as many women as possible understand how amazing Noevir products are.

Daily Schedule

6:00 Wake up
I always make sure to eat breakfast.
9:00 Arrive at the office
After I get to work, I head out to visit sales representatives’ salons.
10:00 Sales meeting support
I always put the customers’ satisfaction first.
16:00 Training sessions
I conduct training sessions for sales representatives that work at salons and teach them about beauty, customer service and our products. I also give them detailed advice like how to introduce each product so customers can really grasp its merits.
19:00 Return to the office
I do office work after I get back from the salons.
20:00 Leave work
22:00 Free time
I relax by going through my own skincare regime and exercising.
24:00 Go to bed

Free time

I follow the same rhythm even on my days off so I usually try to get out of the house.

I love to exercise and I often go practice golf which I recently got into.

I also love visiting various unique tourist spots.