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Forging a path of growth for the Group through proactively coming up with new ideas

Corporate Planning

Kouta Ootsuki Noevir Holdings Co., Ltd. Corporate Planning Department	Joined April 2010

What motivated you to join Noevir?

I’ve always had an interest in beauty and fashion, and when I went to the company recruiting fair, the employees working there seemed to shine with an inner light. Those were both big motivators for me. As I went through the job hunting process, Noevir stood out compared to other companies by making a point of trying to understand each applicant which left me with a great impression.

What kind of work do you do?

he responsibilities of the Noevir Holdings Corporate Planning Department encompass an extensive range of areas from Group budget planning and profit loss management to the institution of medium-term management plans that take into account the company’s long-range vision for the future.

Within those areas, what I am mainly responsible for is matters related to Noevir Co., Ltd.’s expenses. Furthermore, because the company’s circumstances are constantly shifting, I have to modify financial results projections such as the full-year profits loss projection every time they do change. It’s important to realize that our responsibilities don’t end at administrative tasks like projections and analyses; we also have to take on the critical task of making suggestions for creating an internal structure where we can focus on our areas of growth that link to sales.

What do you find rewarding about your work?

Our company conducts a biyearly results briefing and a yearly stockholders’ meeting. The Corporate Development Department is the main force behind the preparation of materials for these meetings.

In addition to the Group’s profit loss situation, we also have to explain the Group’s main endeavors and future direction to investors at the results briefing and the stockholders at the stockholders’ meeting. The content of these explanations is extremely important and there is no room to make mistakes. It’s a trying process until we reach completion, but the feeling of accomplishment when everything comes together without incident is indescribable.

What kind of things did you focus on when you were in sales?

The focus in the Noevir’s sales field is the support of sales representatives. Sales representatives’ work styles vary widely from everything from people who run street-level salons to people who operate out of a room in an apartment. There aren’t many opportunities for us, the manufacturer’s employees, to sell products directly, so what I focused on was analyzing sales representatives’ tendencies from an objective perspective.

I identified the areas they could improve in by setting monthly sales goals with them and utilized their sales progress, how many repeat customers they had, and how much their sales of new products increased to search for their strengths and weaknesses.

There are many areas where a sales representative may have an issue. For example, some convince themselves they aren’t knowledgeable about the products, some could be better at planning follow-up services with customers, and some don’t have confidence in their techniques. By working together to solve these issues, we help sales representatives build confidence which often results in surpassing sales goals.

Sales representatives’ stance can change drastically with just a little bit of perceptive advice from our side, so there are innumerable moments when we feel that the effort was worth it.

What did you take with you from working in sales?

Administration is first and foremost about being the front line of support for the company. We invest a lot of funds into different promotional and advertising campaigns in order to support sales, but I feel that it would take quite a bit of time to grasp these concepts unless one had experience in the sales field.

By getting accustomed to the sales field first, I became better able to give in-depth proposals in my current position. I think that my time there was instrumental because if I had come in with no experience, it really would have taken a lot of time to understand what was going on.

What’s the best part about working at Noevir?

It’s a company that places great value in independence.

Noevir’s working environment is great because one can challenge themselves as long as they have a solid backing for something they want to try out or propose.

What are your dreams and goals for the future?

I’m in a position where I can observe the company’s current situation from an objective standpoint because I work on improving profit loss management and prediction accuracy. I want to take advantage of this and facilitate investments in areas where the Group can flourish as well as make proposals that set the company on a track for growth.

In order to accomplish this, I have to do more than just compare us to other competitor companies. I have to understand other companies’ strengths and weaknesses from many perspectives and consistently be conscious of how I can present my ideas and how they will affect the Group.

Daily Schedule

6:00 Wake up
I drink coffee at breakfast to wake me up.
8:00 Arrive at work
I head to work early to avoid the morning rush. Before I start work, I read the newspaper and look over what I need to get done for the day.
9:00 Document preparation
I prepare monthly materials and documents for reports and proposals.
11:45 Lunch
13:30 Department meeting
We discuss the documents we’ve made and confirm our future schedules.
15:30 Document preparation
I adjust documents to respond to improvements, corrections and additions discussed in the department meeting.
18:30 Leave work
19:00 I go home after working out at the gym.

Free time

I love to exercise on weekdays as well as weekends. By moving my body I can clear and refresh my mind too, which is indispensable for someone like me who works with numbers all day and tends to just sit at their desk. I cycle and run in addition to going to the gym, so I’d like to participate in a triathlon someday.

The picture above was taken after I made the finish line at the mid-summer Hokkaido Marathon.