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Acquiring polished skills and expertise and leading the team to a higher level of professionalism

Production Technology・Manufacturing Management

Yuuichiro Mizuguchi Production and Logistics Department Factory Manager Joined April 1991

What motivated you to join the company?

I had already decided that I wanted to work in a company that manufactured items used in everyday life before starting my job search in university. I researched industries that manufactured such products and I was drawn strongly to Noevir. I liked the company policy, “science is beauty,” and I still remember being impressed by the edge Noevir had compared to other companies. I felt that I would be able stay true to my ideals and pursue my work with pride if I worked there which was what motivated me to join Noevir.

What have you done up until now?

When I first started working, I was placed on the manufacturing floor and my daily duties consisted of helping produce the contents of our cosmetics. With the knowledge that our customers were delighted with the cosmetic products that I had helped manufacture keeping me motivated, I devoted myself to my work with safety and security as my top priority. Thinking back, I realize that that was the real beginning of my love for making things. After that, I was able to get deeply involved in the manufacturing mechanism by taking charge of laying out the factory’s computer system and obtaining our ISO certification. Thanks to these experiences I was able to rise to where I am now as the Factory Manager.

I’ve examined the production process from many different angles and gained a wealth of understanding of the difficulty, subtlety and of course the enjoyment of the process. I couldn’t do the work I do today without everything I’ve experienced up until now.

What kind of work do you do?

The critical responsibility of providing a stable supply of cosmetics and quasi-drugs for the Noevir Group falls to the Shiga Factory. In order to deliver quality products to our customers, which is our top priority, our department must effectively deal with the entire manufacturing process, including delivery and costs. We are constantly refining and improving our manufacturing methods and process flow while aspiring for innovation in our work to give us a competitive advantage.

What do you find rewarding or difficult about your work?

The job of a factory is to bring products to completion through the conceptual phases of planning, design and development to manufacturing phase where the products finally comes to life.

Each product is the embodiment of the hard work and effort that the many employees who were involved in the project put into it. I think that the joy one experiences being involved in making things in a factory is the real point of this work.

What kind of skills are needed in your line of work? What can you do to strengthen those skills?

Shiga Factory has a workforce of over 100 employees and conducts production activities every business day. The knowledge and skills of just one person aren’t enough to create a product; we have to combine each person’s abilities and along with creative solutions and improvements in order to stably manufacture quality products.

In this line of work, it’s important to concentrate on priorities, cultivate a rich and varied imagination and face each day with flexibility. There are opportunities to gain many different experiences here, so each individual must use those experiences wisely and appropriately and put forth their best effort to in order to move towards their goals.

What are Noevir’s strengths when it comes to manufacturing?

The superiority of Noevir’s products is a direct result of the passion we pour into our work based on the idea that “science is beauty.” The techniques we use have been passed down and refined by carefully conducting manufacturing processes and examining the products from the customers’ point of view. We’ve established a system that allows us to provide products that ensure repeat customers and instills pride in the employees that make them; that’s Noevir strength.

What’s the best part about working at Noevir?

The best part about working at Noevir is that all employees, regardless of age or gender, are encouraged to think independently and move forward with their own ideas. This in turn compels us to take responsibility for not only the results of our work, but also the process. The occasional failure is unavoidable, but there are always senior team members around who can give advice and lead the less experienced toward success. We gain skills through our experiences in this environment which continuously stimulates us to improve day by day.

What are your dreams and goals for the future?

I want to create an environment where each person holds themselves to a high standard in their work and contributes to creating products that our customers will fall in love with.

Our factory employs a lot of people and, even though the content of each person job is different, everyone has the freedom to acquire polished skills and expertise. My goal is to lead my team to a higher level of professionalism.

Daily Schedule

6:00 Wake up
I make sure to get a good breakfast because it’s the most important meal of the day.
8:00 Arrive at work
I check my mail, employee attendance and the day’s schedule.
8:40 Morning meeting
I check what products we’re manufacturing that day and relay any operation precautions.
9:00 Start production
12:00 Lunch
13:00 Finish production
17:00 Production report meeting
I check what each team got done that day and what their schedule is for tomorrow as well as relay any messages.
17:15 Team and individual meetings.
There isn’t time to hold meetings when production is in progress, so we usually do them after production ends for the day.
We hold separate section meetings to check the direction of improvement activities and review current operations.
19:30 Leave work
24:00 Go to bed

Free time

Spending free time productively is an important part of our jobs. Recently I’ve been using my days off to get active and do things like bike around Lake Biwa and go hiking. I always look forward to thinking of new things to do during my free time and decide what to spend my days on depending on my mood.