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Providing natural cosmetics that each have their own unique story and making the company number one in Japan and eventually the world

Domestic Sales

You Mikuni Osaka Sales Department Kyoto Branch Store Store Manager Joined April 1998

What motivated you to join the company?

I was mostly aiming to work at a company near my hometown after college, but when I applied for some companies based in Ginza by the recommendation of a professor, I found Noevir’s headquarters by coincidence. It was a beautiful newly-built building and the polished impression it gave me wouldn’t leave my head; it was so different from the businesses in my hometown. This impression is was what led me to participate in Noevir’s recruiting fair.

I decided to go with this company after I was captivated again with their unique aura and their dedication to their products at the fair.

What kind of work do you do now?

Right now I’m my branch’s main authority, so I manage sales and analyze the numbers from new products and different skincare, makeup and supplement events. I also make marketing strategies, promote sales, examine market expansion plans and make proposals and do counseling aimed at boosting sales representatives’ performance.

Our slogan is “everything is for our customers.” It’s an important part of my work to support new salon owners and help open new beauty salons (Noevir Beauty Studios) so we can offer Noevir products to a larger range of customers.

What was difficult or rewarding for you when you were in sales?

The most rewarding part of sales was when I got to see people’s delighted faces after they came in contact with Noevir and its products. The ideal is to go about your work in a way that makes both employees and sales representatives happy.

It’s fun to help create a base with people who have just started working with Noevir, but it’s even better when you meet them again a few years later and they’ve become the profitable owner of a salon or done other great things. It’s really satisfying to know that your hard work all that time ago was worth it.

As for what’s difficult about sales, I would say the importance of continuing to do your work diligently, even when the work isn’t exciting or when you don’t get results right away. On the other hand, when something you planned leads to much better results then you were expecting or when something you thought was impossible comes to fruition, it’s really rewarding.

More than anything, I think this work is amazing because your connections to the people there help support your own growth.

What kind of skills are needed in your line of work? What are you doing to strengthen those skills?

Our job is to support our sales representatives’ beauty salons. In order to do so, it’s important to master beauty, customer service and counseling techniques and to become knowledgeable about these fields as well. I myself am always learning more about these techniques by reading various books, researching examples from other industries and paying special attention when I’m being waited on at stores. It’s the same on the knowledge side of things, I research other companies’ product concepts in books, magazines and online and try to get a feel for other companies’ products by trying out their testers at drugstores.
It’s my policy to be more positive the tougher things get and I always make sure to strike a good balance between my work and private life.

What’s the best part about working at Noevir?

It’s the products and people.

With our slogan “science is beauty” and a history as a pioneer in the natural cosmetics field, we boast safe, high-quality products made with plant extracts. We’ve held to our original concepts and continuously poured our passion into our research, development and production. As a result, our products each have their own unique story and are our pride.

As for the people, they are bright, unique individuals with a strong desire to grow. Every day we work toward our goals as a unified team, so when something good comes out of our effort, it’s a company tradition to go out and celebrate. This is just another great thing about working at Noevir.

What are your dreams and goals for the future?

My goal is to make Noevir a company that offers a product lineup that satisfies all our customers and keeps them coming back.

I’m doing everything I can to accomplish that and to make the area that I’m responsible for Noevir’s number one area in Japan. If we can make this possible, we can aim to eventually make Noevir the best in Japan and then the world. As a company that provides products mainly for women, I also want to help give back to the community by making Noevir a company that women want to work at because it has an environment where they can lead a happy, balanced work-life.

Daily Schedule

8:10 Arrive at the office
I check my email, our sales progress and the day’s tasks.
9:00 Morning meeting
I confirm our staff members’ schedules and deadlines as well as adjust our weekly goals.
10:00 Visiting with sales representatives
I confirm sales representatives’ weekly activities and propose plans for the following weeks.
12:30 Lunch
13:30 Supporting sales representatives
I look over presentations that sales representatives have prepared to introduce products to customers and help make arrangements for future events.
16:30 Counseling sales representatives
I reconfirm what the sales representatives need to do to reach their performance goals, verify and adjust current methods and issues as well as make improvements to help broaden our market.
18:30 Return to the office
18:30 Administrative tasks
I do administrative work like managing the store’s income, confirming event progress, checking the staffs’ activity results and finally get prepared for the next day.
19:30 Leave work

Free time

My hobby is taking road trips. If you go by car, you can get all the way to Aomori in the north and Kagoshima in the south by yourself. I love seeing what towns all over Japan are like and eating and drinking there. I usually don’t make plans before I go so I just decide what to do and where to stay on the fly. Also, if I get an extended holiday, I like to go see temples in Kyoto which is close to where I live now. It’s great because you can absorb Japan’s history just by walking around there.