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Turning “can’ts” into “cans” and giving customers a chance to transform themselves

Beauty Consultation (Branch Store)

Megumi Matsuo Hiroshima Sales Department Hiroshima First Branch Store Joined April 2015

What motivated you to join the company?

One of my main goals when I was job hunting was to find a job that excited me. I’ve always been interested in beauty, fashion and health and my desire to share the enjoyment of these interests with people was what lead me to choose Noevir. I feel that what I do here is really great because I get to use my interest in beauty to genuinely connect with sales representatives and customers and broaden my perspective as well as grow together with them.

What kind of work do you do?

I support daily operations at salons run by sales representatives who sell Noevir products. To be more specific, I’m responsible for a wide variety of activities; everything from making sales plan proposals, supporting both operations and sales activities of salons, doing beauty lessons to promote sales and training sales representatives. I work alongside the sales representatives and help put different plans into action in order to achieve our goals. We do things like teaching about beauty, sales and customer service, giving advice on how to utilize the space in salons and instructing both sales representatives and customers on beauty. We also have many other responsibilities including inviting customers to attend fairs that we help run when new products come out.

What do you find interesting, rewarding or difficult about your work?

Here at Noevir I get to broaden sales representatives’ possibilities by turning their “I can’ts” into “I cans” on their way to reaching their goals. However, there’s a lot more to the process before we can start making proposals and plans to accomplish this. We have to strengthen our ties of trust little by little and cooperate to build up small successes in order to achieve our goals. When things don’t go as planned, I can always ask for advice from senior team members and use that advice and support to bring us closer to realizing our objectives.

When I do realize a goal that a sales representative and I shared and they acknowledge me by saying things like, “Thank you Megumi, I’m so glad I got to work with you,” I really feel that my hard work was worth it.

What do you think is important in your line of work?

I think the most important thing in my line of work here at Noevir is to like people. Working with people is a huge part of what we do because we have to interact with both sales representatives and customers. It’s also really important to think positively and always aim for improvement. Noevir encourages all team members, including junior members, to put their own ideas into action and improve their work. Instead of just getting the work you’re given done, you can use your imagination to come up with new ways to approach your tasks and increase productivity which makes work really fun.

Noevir has a great education system for gaining both knowledge and skills and there are a bunch of training sessions new recruits go through after joining the company. There are also lots of opportunities to learn on the job. Beauty Consultants have to make presentations in front of people pretty often, so one thing I think is really important is to practice public speaking.

What’s the best part about working at Noevir?

It’s the people. To start with, I have so many senior coworkers who I respect deeply. I have a great relationship with them and they are always by my side supporting me not only on job-related things but also on fashion and hair styles which is really fun to talk about. I feel like I can do my best at my job without worrying about failure because it’s an environment where I can always ask my senior coworkers and supervisors if I don’t understand something. I also get inspired when I work with sales representatives and see each of them making an effort to move towards their goals based on their own aspirations. I’m really grateful for the environment here because it allows me to improve myself both inside and out. We can realize our own dreams of becoming beautiful while supporting all women’s passion to do the same.

What are your dreams and goals for the future?

My goal as a Noevir employee is to give as many women as possible the chance to transform themselves. I talked a bit about this already, but our work here at Noevir is really about turning people’s “can’ts” into “cans” and expanding the possibilities of our sales representatives. I want to hone my knowledge and skills and become a Beauty Consultant that sales representatives trust to try working on even bigger goals with.

Furthermore, I also want to be able to give customers the small push they need to find the fun in beauty and spend every day a bit more glamorously by being positive and loving how they look. Above all else, I make sure to go about my work with a smile every day.

Daily Schedule

6:00 Wake up
8:30 Arrive at the office
After I get to my office, I head out to meet with sales representatives.
10:00 Sales support meeting
I introduce products that I prepared ahead of time.
16:00 Counseling
I help make sales plans with sales representatives.
18:00 Return to the office
I do administrative work and get ready for the next day.
19:30 Leave work
22:00 Free time
I relax by going through my skincare routine and taking a bath.
24:00 Go to bed

Free time

I like to go on trips whenever I have a couple days off. It’s really refreshing for me to go out into nature and look at beautiful scenery because it’s so different than the scenery of my everyday life. Being able to have a fulfilled private life as well as work life is another thing that makes working at Noevir so great.