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Nurturing connections with each customer and becoming a consultation pro

Beauty Consultation (Directly Managed Store)

Sayuri Matsumoto Retail Operations Department	Salon de Speciale Omotesando	Joined April 2015

What motivated you to join the company?

What I put the most importance in when I was job hunting was looking for somewhere I could live out my passion of seeing people’s transformations.

My passion for transformations was ignited when I was in high school and started to have a real interest in beauty for the first time. I was able to transform myself by getting my skin clear of acne and losing 8 kilograms through dieting. I changed so much that when people compare what I look like now to pictures from back then, some people think I’ve had plastic surgery!

It was then that I realized that if I was able to change this much, then there’s no one in this world that can’t. I chose to enter this industry because I decided that I wanted to help other people transform themselves and become beautiful.

What kind of work do you do at your store (Noevir Style Shop)?

When you hear the words “Beauty Consultation,” you probably think of someone selling cosmetics at a department store. However, Noevir’s directly managed stores offer more than just product consultation. I help make our customer’s dreams of becoming beautiful come true using the many services available at our store such as facial treatments and beauty and makeup lessons.

What do you find rewarding or difficult about your work?

Beauty services are generally split up into different categories and only available at stores specializing in that category, but the great thing about Noevir Style Shops is that they offer a range of different services such as facial treatments and beauty and makeup lessons all in one place.

We, the consultants, accordingly have a lot of things to learn, but the process is actually really fun because we not only get to

see our customers transform to become more beautiful, we also learn how to become beautiful ourselves.

What do you think is important in your line of work?

The most important thing is to be able to sense what the customer wants.

Many of our customers come in looking to enhance their beauty, but there are many other reasons people come to our shops. For example, some people want to be comforted or want to treat themselves, so it’s important for us to offer services that match the customer’s goal and satisfy their needs. I think that listening carefully to what each customer says is the key to this. It’s of course important to talk about health and beauty, but we need to put the customer’s enjoyment of the experience first and do our best to talk about things that the customer is interested in. If we can do that, I think we can come to understand what the customer is really looking for little by little.

What’s the best part about working at a Noevir Style Shop?

It’s our job to recommend products based on the condition of the customer’s skin and their skincare regime. The really difficult part is figuring out what to recommend based on limited information. It’s so rewarding when I can find the perfect product for a customer and they’re really satisfied with the experience. At Noevir Style Shops we can support customers’ passion to be beautiful from many different angles using consultation, facial treatments and lessons. The very best part is when we spend time nurturing our connections with each customer and get to watch their transformation together.

What are your dreams and goals for the future?

My big goal is to become a beauty pro. Right now I can offer facial treatments and makeup lesson services to customers, but I want to eventually learn techniques to completely beautify customers head to toe through hair, fashion, nail and body treatment services. In order to accomplish this, I need to level up my consultation, facial treatment, makeup and beauty lesson skills and start working on getting more certifications in areas like aroma therapy and color coordination.

Daily Schedule

7:00 Wake up
When I have time, I try to walk the thirty minutes to the nearest station to get some exercise.
9:30 Arrive at the store
We always clean the store thoroughly before we open.
10:15 Morning meeting
We relay reports and share information about customers coming into the store that day.
10:30 Opening
We greet customers with a smile.
12:30 Lunch
19:30 Closing
We see off the customers.
19:45 End of the day meeting
We share positive things that happened that day.
21:00 Leave work
After work I head straight home and do stretches and massage myself to stay healthy and beautiful.
24:00 Go to bed
I make sure to get at least seven hours of sleep.

Free time

I’m actually a huge Disney fan. There have been periods of time when I’ve gone to Tokyo Disney Land at least once a month.

I’m the type of person that uses all their days off on me-time. I go out walking and running as well as get beauty treatments at other salons (and see what they’re like compared to ours). I’m also studying to get a certificate in aroma therapy to add to my professional beauty skills.