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What We Do

Domestic Sales・Beauty Consultation (Branch Office)

Employees at branch offices support daily business operations and sales activities of beauty salons (Noevir Beauty Studios) run by sales representatives who sell Noevir products all over Japan.

Their main goal is to support sales, sales planning and operations at salons as well as to conduct training on beauty care, sales and customer service. They also aim to attract new customers along with sales representatives and to contribute to salon sales and profitability.

Employees that want to become branch managers in the future additionally support salon administration through counseling sales representatives.

  • ●Cosmetics sales and proposition of new products
  • ●Salon*operations support and sales planning
    *Salon:a Noevir-specific salon (Noevir Beauty Studio) run by a Noevir sales representative.
  • ●Administration counseling based on sales data

Beauty Support (Directly Managed Store)

Employees at Noevir’s directly managed shops and salons (Noevir Style) are responsible for customer service and sales. They conduct a wide variety of services from beauty consultation to facial treatments and beauty lessons for each customer who comes into the store.

They also refine their customer service and sales skills in order to ensure customer satisfaction and product sales while meeting with customers through an appointment only system.

  • ●Consultation, customer service and sales
  • ●Beauty services including facial treatments and makeup, skincare and color coordination lessons
  • ●Retail operations

Overseas Sales

Employees conduct business aiming to expand sales of Noevir, Sana, and Nov Brand products through overseas branches and sales representatives in mainly North America and Asia.

The Group’s overseas operations are overseen by the Overseas Business Development team.

The Overseas Business Development team’s function is mainly to support overseas branches and sales representatives’ operations through sales planning and training on beauty care, sales and customer service.

There are areas where sales methods differ from in Japan, but employees’ objective to attract new customers through service and product satisfaction is the same.

  • ●Beauty care, sales and customer service training
  • ●Sales planning
Employee Introduction
> International Sales - Wei Zhang

Research and Development

In April 2013, Noevir Co., Ltd. and Tokiwa Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.’s research centers merged and restarted as Noevir Group’s integrated research center.

As a pioneer of natural cosmetic products, Noevir and its employees have done design, research and development of safe products from high-end cosmetics and quasi-drugs to non-prescription drugs and highly-functional health food based on our unique approach to cosmetic science theory.

All researchers are involved in a broad range of product development from cosmetics to health food and pharmaceuticals and they perform research and development of products and techniques that contribute to health and beauty.

  • ●Design, research and development of cosmetics and quasi-drugs such as skincare products, makeup products and toiletries
  • ●Design, research and development of pharmaceuticals and health food products such as functional drinks, gels, tablets, microgranules and cough drops
  • ●Fundamental research, applied research and technique development
  • ●Clinical pharmacological research
  • ●Safety research

Production Technology・Manufacturing Management

The Production Department is comprised of Production Technology and Equipment Management and centers around the support of manufacturing operations at Shiga Factory.

As the core factory for Noevir Group’s quasi-drugs and cosmetics, Shiga Factory manufactures Group products from brands such as the highly-functional Noevir brand, the self-selection cosmetics Sana brand (Nameraka Honpo skincare line) and the hypoallergenic Nov brand.

From procuring raw materials to production and shipment, employees conduct thorough quality control throughout all operations and strive to implement innovations that aim to improve production and evolve company technology while providing a stable supply of high-quality products.

  • ●Manufacturing operations for cosmetics and quasi-drugs
  • ●Stable manufacture of high-quality products
  • ●Development of production technologies